How to Choose the Right Vaporizer Mod For You

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How to Choose the Right Vaporizer Mod For You

A more recent innovation in vaporizers, Vaping mods have become exciting and have end up being the latest “hot item” in the herbal industry. If you are thinking about purchasing a mod, then you are not alone. There are so many vapers on the market who want to draw out their own flavors of e liquid.

What is a mod? It’s a new sort of electronic device that has been sweeping the nation. This can be a device that is made to use heating elements to vaporize your e liquid rather than burning it. Using this method it lets you enjoy a vapor that is a combination of vaporizer, fruit, vegetable, along with other ingredients. Vaping is becoming an enormous phenomenon and this is good news for everyone out there. I understand that I’m personally addicted to this sort of smoking.

What are regulated mods? This sort of vaporizer may be the newest invention in the world of vaporizing. These are actually very similar to regulated cigarettes, except rather than a patch or nicotine gum you will have a regulated mod that may take your liquid through a heating element. These are regulated since they use propylene glycol (PEG) as their cooling agent. Propylene glycol is FDA approved and may be the same material that is used in brake fluid and antifreeze.

So how do you tell which is the best? It all boils down to personal preference. I personally like regulated mods over unregulated ones because of the smooth and delicious taste. For me the best VW juices are the ones with the most regulation; maybe not the best quality but definitely the most economical.

You might not agree with me on this but I must say these are probably the most expensive and highest quality juice you can purchase. Why do I say this? Because if you want to be a serious vaper you will need top quality products. Otherwise, your savings will be pointless and you will start buying cheaper unregulated mods to find the same experience. For battery life and performance, they are a comparable so don’t worry an excessive amount of about it; if you prefer a long battery avoid unregulated mods.

The newest addition to the Vaping world may be the Voopoo Drag 2. This device has two tanks, one for standard e-juice and another for extended (longer lasting) battery. This is great because it allows you to mix and match liquids without any fear of running out. The device has an adjustable voltage with a safety mode which allows you to switch off the electricity if you work with the device. If you don’t use it often then this probably isn’t a good choice of your first Vaping device.

The best VW Juice to go with is just about the original VW Juice by Vision Evolved. This product offers a large amount of power in a little package. It runs on a single AA battery, which has an extremely long wattage and keeps your vaporizing time at the perfect level. This device also includes a digital control to ensure that you obtain the absolute perfect airflow while you are enjoying your vaporizing experience. Most vaporizers nowadays have some sort of auto shut off feature which is a nice added bonus.

Most regulated mods have a built in temperature controller. While some permit you to change the temperature of the water you are steaming your juice through, most just change the temperature of the reservoir that holds the water. The very best quality devices will have short circuit protection, although most devices already have some type of safety features. Short circuit protection prevents the device from exploding when there is a short in the electrical connection between the battery and the mod. Provided that the mod is designed for a regulated voltage then it should be safe to use together with your specific batteries and with your specific Puff Bar Flavors devices.